Sea Shepherd: Helping Protect Our Oceans

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There are many organisations and charities throughout the world who are striving against all odds to try to save our planet from the many environmental threats facing us today. There is much conversation muted about whom or what is to blame for climate change, global warming and the destruction of our environment including our amazing oceans. Here we take a look at Sea Shepherd, which is one such organisation. What does Sea Shepherd stand for and how are they fairing in the battle to save our oceans?

What is Sea Shepherds Aim?

Sea Shepherd is an international non-profit organisation whose aim it is to conserve marine wildlife. Sea Shepherd wants to stop the destruction of the natural habitat of our sea creatures along with the slaughter of wild life to conserve and protect all species and eco systems. Their vessel also named Sea Shepherd is instrumental in all this amazing organisation achieves as it patrols the sea looking out for illegal practices being committed.

Established in 1977 Sea Shepherd uses direct action in order to expose ocean going illegal practices and confront the perpetrators with evidence gained by investigating and documenting their actions. The balance of our ocean eco-systems is very important, while Sea Shepherd works tirelessly to ensure all will be preserved for future generations to come.


Sea Shepherd has spear headed many campaigns over the years including the preservation of the whale and whale shark populations that are severely threatened by human practices, climate change and pollution.

Shark Campaign

It is an astonishing fact that one hundred million sharks are killed every year by fishermen for sport or those who practice shark finning which involves robbing the sharks of their fins and tossing them back into the ocean to die from drowning or become food for predators. 90% of the world's shark population has been decimated by these barbaric practices and Sea Shepherd patrols marine protected areas in order to expose those who seek to destroy the shark for their own greedy ends.

So, what has Sea Shepherd done in order to help protect sharks? Sea Shepherd has

  • Pulled in Longlines with their hooks freeing entangled creatures
  • Confiscated illegally obtained shark fins which in turn led to many arrests
  • Joined the Police of Ecuador to organise a special K-9 unit sniffing for shark fins
  • Shared intelligence gained from their units patrolling protected areas resulting in the capture of shark fins and culprits
  • Defending against poachers in the Galapagos Marine Reserve area
  • Conducting presentations, videos and restaurant campaigns in order to inform the public

Whale Campaign

Whale Campaign

Sea Shepherd aims to end the slaughter of whales and the destruction of their habitat. So, what has Sea Shepherd done over the decades plus achieved when it comes to this aim? Sea Shepherd has

  • Rammed and disabled a pirate whaling ship well known for its practices, namely The Sierra.
  • Shut down much of the Spanish whaling fleet
  • Scuttled some of the Icelandic whaling fleet and the Icelandic processing station
  • Scuttled Nybraena and Senet both whaling ships from Norway
  • Opposed whalers in Japan and confronted them in Antarctica
  • Ended the career of nine illegal whaling vessels
  • Kept illegal whaling in the spotlight for years

Operation Ice Fish

Operation Ice Fish is a campaign in the Southern ocean that aims to defend whales that are at risk. This operation is the first of its kind as Japan aims to thwart International Law that has been brought in recently by the International Court of Justice. Sea Shepherd will confront the illegal Japanese whale poachers in order to prevent them carrying out any further whale killings.

Confronting Japanese whalers and preventing them from killing these amazing ocean creatures is the name of the game here and over the years it has seen great success. Further news and updates as to how this operation is fairing is available at the Sea Shepherd website.

How Can We Help Sea Shepherd?

Many of us are horrified at what we humans are doing to our planet in terms of global warming and what the consequences are when it comes to marine life and our oceans. We struggle to see how we can help prevent what seems inevitable to some. There are many great organisations that put pressure on governments in order to try to protect our world for future generations. So, is there anything we can do to help? Think about the following!

shark finning

Make a donation to Sea Shepherd or any other organisation that is tasked with preserving our planet

Do not buy products that come from sharks or eat products such as shark fin soup

Make your voice heard locally but peacefully to restaurants that provide such fayre

Spread the word regarding the plight of sharks. Educate others on the facts surrounding them

Sea Shepherd UK

Those living in the UK may wish to know that Sea Shepherd has a UK branch that focuses on the waters around the UK coast in particular. News regarding the meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Slovenia is available at the website.  Sea Shepherd of course are attending the meeting in order to advise the commission that they are indeed dedicated in their task to stop illegal whaling by Japan in the Southern Ocean.

UK Contact Details

  • Sea Shepherd UK
  • 27 Old Gloucester Street
  • London
  • WC1N 3AX
  • Tele 0300 111 0501

US Headquarters of Sea Shepherd

PO Box 2616

Friday Harbour

WA 98250

United States of America

Tele +1 360 370 5650