The Whale Strikes Back in Moby Dick 2

moby dick 2

Here we give you a bit of light hearted fun with Moby Dick 2 a game where you exact revenge on some of the Whale's biggest threats including whale hunters!

Many people will be familiar with the Herman Melville work of literature of the same title, but Moby Dick 2 in this case refers to a brilliantly entertaining and addictive sequel to the original Moby Dick that provided us with some great whale-based fun for hours on end. Though he's no shark, Moby Dick is an extremely hungry water-dwelling creature and in Moby Dick 2, this hunger only continues.

You simply have to feed poor Moby Dick by eating aquatic organisms and the various people on the surface of the water that seem to be constantly attacking you. Don' think that it is cruel because the humans attack first, and it is your responsibility to survive by keeping an eye on Moby Dick's hunger and health levels, as well as making sure he doesn't run out of oxygen. Those that are familiar with the first game will pick the game up instantly, and it's so simple that new players will soon see the whale grow substantially.

The gameplay is set with a cross-section view of a small portion of the ocean where Moby Dick is free to swim around, controlled with the mouse which he follows religiously. A small speed boost is also given to the Moby if you press the left mouse button. These controls are remarkably simple and allow you to focus on the task of surviving the attacks of the destructive humans that are floating on the water's surface. You are able to capsize the water-borne vessels above by swimming out of the water with enough momentum and smashing into each boat. Once you have sunk the boats, the people float helplessly and can then be eaten. Eating people (and to an extent the fish below the surface) replenishes your 'fullness' meter, which has dire consequences for Moby if left to deplete far enough. You must also keep an eye on the whale's health (which can be reduced by arrows and projectiles that the humans above fire at you) and also his oxygen meter, which must be refilled by popping to the surface occasionally.

The most addictive aspect of this is the ability to upgrade your whale by way of several attributes such as his size, health, hunger, toughness, and boost speed. These attributes can be upgraded by collecting upgrade points that are earned by capsizing and eating as many people as possible. Choosing carefully which attributes to upgrade forms part of the strategy for the game in general, since upgrading his size too quickly makes him a bigger target for attackers, and neglecting to upgrade his speed would mean he is too slow to evade attacks.

While fairly similar to the original, Moby Dick 2 brings you all the fun of its predecessor, with some nifty aesthetic and functional improvements. The gameplay is addictive since you feel compelled to keep playing until you have fully upgraded your whale to each attribute's maximum, and the graphics are smooth, pleasing to the eye and perfectly styled to convey an old-fashioned nautical feel. For those of you looking for a dose of revenge and destruction on those barbaric fishermen then look no further than Moby Dick 2, whilst others seeking a more soothing and relaxing whale based game may prefer Deep and Blue by Fast Games.