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Sea Shepherd aims to end the slaughter of whales and the destruction of their habitat. So, what has Sea Shepherd done over the decades plus achieved when it comes to this aim? Sea Shepherd has

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Why are Some Species of Whale Facing Extinction?

Whale Shark

Whales are magnificent ocean creatures that amaze all who are fortunate enough to have seen them up close in their natural habitat. Seven of the thirteen species of whale are now classed as endangered. How can this spectacular ocean mammal have come to this? Let's take a look and see.

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The Whale Shark

  • Whale shark with swimmer

    Swimming with Whale Sharks

    As the largest fish in the ocean we may be forgiven for feeling slightly apprehensive about swimming alongside Whale Sharks. As most seasoned divers know the Whale Shark is one of the gentlest creatures you could wish to encounter.

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